Anna Dinyés (soprano)
Katalin Györffy (soprano)
Júlia Pásztor (soprano)
Erika Horogszegi-Horváth (alto)
Eszter Kató (alto)
Emese Kurucz (alto)
Borbála Sapszon (alto)
Zsófia Sapszon (alto)
Bence Bucsy (tenor)
Ákos Nagy (tenor)
Attila Szili (tenor)
Márton Tóth (baritone)
Gábor Balás (bass)
Gábor Benyhe (bass)
I'm Nana, the eldest sibling and the only girl of four. Growing up in a musician family helped me not to be able imagining my life without music. I've played the piano since the first grade, but during the years I had spent in school I've met the flute, the harp, the guitar and - freshly came - the drum (these officially, plenty of other intsruments not that officially) as well, furthermore, in all, three schools have met me, Hungarian Choir School Zoltán Kodály in the last place, which I attended for one more year after graduating, studying singing. Once in my life I'd like to become a singer, not the classical kind, rather the musical/jazz kind. I listen to classical music, rock, jazz and metal, besides I love every kind of ball games (except for basketball, I've never liked it because of me playing the piano) and I play tennis once a week. I've always been a fan of Gemma, that's how came that I asked Marci if I could join (it went really easily, if I had known that I would've asked sooner), since then I am glad to be a part of the choir and gladly singing alongside the other members.